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Conversations with Calvin

A chat about climate education

By Alan J. Hesse | August 16, 2021

  In this interview We The Species podcast host Calvin Schwartz and I talk about climate education, conservation and storytelling with The Adventures of Captain Polo. Calvin convinces me to give some of the back story to how I got into conservation, a tale that involves how I dodged the French Infantry and how a…

Kat post

The Road to Green Transportation

By Kat Sarmiento | July 27, 2021

By Kat Sarmiento At an early age, children are already introduced to the concept of vehicles and transportation. Beginning with the nursery rhymes they get to listen to, to the books that are read to them, and the videos they see on TV or the internet, kids get excited to see cars, boats, airplanes, trains,…

Allauthor interview

The why and how behind using graphic novels as teaching tools

By Alan J. Hesse | July 1, 2021

Intelligent questions that allow me to divulge the WHY and HOW behind using graphic novels as teaching tools.

cactus 1

Pants On or Off?

By Alan J. Hesse | June 9, 2021

Pants On or Off? refers to the creative process of an author deciding how to create a book. Some authors wade right in with no planning, the creative juices flowing. Other authors such as myself will plan it all out beforehand. Graphic novels, cartoons or comics and Nature conservation. An unlikely combination perhaps. Yet there…

Drunk On Porpoise

A chat with Drunk On Porpoise

By Alan J. Hesse | April 15, 2021

A chat with Drunk On Porpoise is a conversation about conservation, climate change, education, humour, satire and graphic novels. These subjects may seem an eclectic mix, yet they all come together very naturally in this interview. Another topic covered in this interview was my process in creating a graphic novel. I explain the different steps…

Pole to Pole cover

A climate change graphic novel

By Alan J. Hesse | February 26, 2021

The Adventures of Captain Polo: Pole to Pole is the 4th book of the series, and like it’s predecessors, it explores different aspects of our era’s most critical existential crisis. However, Pole to Pole is much more than just another children’s book about climate change: it is also a story about courage, desperation, tenacity, exploration,…

Paul Lafferty interview

An interview by Paul Lafferty

By Alan J. Hesse | December 29, 2020

An interview by Paul Lafferty from #32alltheway means having an informal chat, a rich dialogue rather than an interview as such. There are no superfluous, silly questions here. This is all about an exchange of thoughts and experiences focused on the topic of what authors write about, and also who they are. In this particular…

Weird fish lady

An afternoon chat with The Weird Fish Lady

By Alan J. Hesse | November 21, 2020

I first met Gloria Barnett, aka The Weird Fish Lady, at the annual conference of the Association for Science Education where I launched my first comic book about climate change in 2019. I’ve since tracked her down and we had a fascinating chat all about the oceans and why they’re important. Gloria is a sailor,…

carbon choices Neil Kitching

Solutions for the Climate Crisis: an interview with the author of Carbon Choices

By Alan J. Hesse | October 30, 2020

Solutions for the climate crisis is a topic that is deservedly growing in importance, and urgency. My friend Neil Kitching, Geographer and Energy Specialist, has published Carbon Choices, a book that homes in on the common-sense solutions to our climate and nature crises.   As an author of educational books about climate change myself, I just…

Wisdom of the Ages podcast

Wisdom of the Ages podcast interview

By Alan J. Hesse | October 11, 2020

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to do a Wisdom of the Ages podcast interview. Hosted by best-selling and award-winning author Ayn Cates Sullivan, Wisdom of the Ages is a show that taps into the many expressions of universal, ancestral and personal wisdom to ignite evolutionary consciousness. The interview, titled Solutions: Actions for a Healthy…

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