The Adventures of Captain Polo

The Climate Change Comic

A hungry polar bear is pitched into the stormy seas

from a melting ice floe drifting… drifting… drifting ever further from his native Arctic. Lost and frightened, the bear begins an epic journey of adventure and discovery that will change his life forever…

Book 1 ebook

Welcome to the exciting world of Captain Polo, the climate change bear!

“Captain Polo is the story about us and our future on Earth, presented in a knowledge-based and adventurous way, which can spark much needed conversations and action…”

Prof. Johan Rockström
Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

Book 1 in this thrilling series takes you on a journey like no other as you follow Captain Polo on his adventures. Discover the incredible stories of the human and non-human characters he meets along the way, all with tales to share about how their environment is changing and impacting their lives.

This captivating ebook is the perfect introduction to the Adventures of Captain Polo series and is available for free download.

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LT Gold Award

The Adventures of Captain Polo: The Climate Change Comic stands out with its vivid illustrations and clear, engaging narrative. It’s not just a story about a talking polar bear; it’s a compelling invitation to understand and engage with the critical issue of climate change. By framing this global challenge through the lens of adventure, Hesse encourages readers to consider their own impact on the world and promotes awareness in an approachable, memorable manner.

Literary Titan Book Awards

5 stars

A fantastically accessible way to help children understand climate change. A FINALIST and highly recommended.

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

5 stars

Footnotes throughout and a final epilogue offer helpful scientific explanations and practical solutions. The reader is left understanding the gravity of the situation without being led into dispair. Polo is an attractive, inspiring character who can be introduced to students as a messenger of various voices about the current world emergency for which we are all responsible. Looking forward to exploring Part Two and Three!

Santiago Jacome

Montessori Teacher

5 stars

Aimed at secondary school students but should be required reading for politicians and decision makers at every level. Charming characterisations and great drawing introduce the myriad of oft unrecognised ways in which we are contributing to the climate chaos we face. Just wish we could make it required reading!

Amazon customer