The Adventures of Captain Polo

Captain Polo's World Tour

Captain Polo's World Tour

Snakes & Ladders meets Trivial Pursuit in this  challenging and fun board game!

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Welcome to Captain Polo’s World Tour – an innovative new game designed to take players on a global adventure and learn about climate change!

Drawing on the award-winning Adventures of Captain Polo series of educational graphic novels, Captain Polo’s World Tour is a thrilling new way to explore this increasingly important topic. Based on thorough research, the game delivers an immersive experience that challenges players’ perceptions of the climate crisis, while teaching them new ways to take action.

Using nothing more than a single die the aim of the game is to be the first to get all around the world following Captain Polo’s pathway. Multiple obstacles and rewards await along the way, making this game a riot of fun.

Designed for players aged 9 and above, the game is ideal for classrooms and workshops.

Once you download your free game, print out the files as A4 sheets to then assemble to full A0 size, as shown to the right.

For use in classrooms, we recommend glueing the sheets to a large board (heavy card or plywood). This way the game will always be easy to play, and can even be hung up on the wall to serve as a world map. Full instructions are provided with your free download.

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