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My name is Captain Polo


If you want to find out why I'm a Captain, check out this blog post.

I'm not your usual type of bear. I can talk and write, for one thing. But mostly I'm a bear on a mission to understand climate change and help everyone do something about it.

Although humans are responsible for the problems of this planet, such as trash everywhere, loss of forests and coral reefs, disappearance of wildlife (such as my species), and of course abnormal climate change, you lot do know how to adapt, and find solutions to all these problems.

Myself and all the other remaining animals and plants on this planet are counting on you! 

Join me on my adventures to find out more about climate change all around the world, and what you can do about it, whoever you are and wherever you live!

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Polo's Blog

Whenever I travel somewhere and learn something new about climate change I'll write a blog about it. 

If you want to write your own guest blog about climate change or anything related to the natural environment just let me know and we'll post it here! 

Polo in Ecuador: the giant sponge effect!

By Polo Bear | March 10, 2020

Dear followers,Welcome to Ecuador! I’m here visiting my biographer, Alan Hesse, the author of the comic book I star in. Today we’re visiting the Antisana volcano, which has the biggest glacier in Ecuador and is 5,790 metres high: that’s more than 5 times higher than Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Britain! The day of my visit to Antisana the…

Water makes electricity in Malawi

By Polo Bear | March 10, 2020

Dear followers, I’ve just come back from Malawi in southern Africa!  I visited people living in villages in the south of Malawi, near the town of Mulanje. These villages have electricity thanks to a project by Practical Action and a local non-profit company called MEGA.  Thanks to this project, people are lighting up their homes, powering schools and energising businesses. …


My visit to Nepal and ‘Gravity Goods Ropeways’

By Polo Bear | March 10, 2020

Dear followers, I’m very excited to be writing this blog about my recent trip to Nepal!  A very nice fellow called Andy Heath who works with an organisation called Practical Action kindly took me all the way to Nepal with him to meet some villagers who have had a big problem getting the things that they need,…

Polo learns about El Niño and Climate Change in the Pacific

By Polo Bear | March 10, 2020

Dear followers, this time I haven’t written a blog – too busy filming!  My biographer and I are exploring the effects of climate change on the Pacific coast of South America.  Check out my nifty shades! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my Youtube channel!  Bye!

Captain Polo's Top 10 Climate Change Actions