Book Contributions

Every now and again I get an opportunity to contribute cartoons to another author's book.  Cartoons often serve to liven up long passages of text, or to illustrate a technical piece of information.

The Tunupa Salta Lake. Bolivia, 2000.
Darwin's Timepiece. Ecuador 2010.
The Adventures of Horacio the Bat. Bolivia 2000.
Tupinambis Management Manual. Bolivia 2009.
My Little Forest. Bolivia 2005.
Rare Pride Manuals, Global 2006.
Exploring the Ecoregions of Santa Cruz, Bolivia 2004.
Guanaco and Friends, Bolivia 2005.
Tatureta. Bolivia 2002.
Controlling the Vampire Bat. Bolivia 2004.
Living with Elephants in India. 2008.
Illegal logging in Mongolia, 2006.
A Year in the Life of a Bolivian Forest. Bolivia 2008.
Plants of the Chaco. Bolivia 2001.
Pan African Conservation Education Programme. 2006.
Isoso Folk Tales. Bolivia 2000.
Kaa Iya Nature Trails leaflets, Bolivia 2005.
Guanaco y Juanito. Bolivia 2002.
Waste recycling in the Galápagos. Ecuador, 2009.