Illegal logging in Mongolia

World Bank Environment Division, USA & Mongolia, 2006.

Imagine my surprise to get a phone call one day from the Senior Biodiversity Specialist at the World Bank. My unexpected caller asked me if I'd be interested in doing some cartoons for a report about illegal logging in Mongolia. An unemployed cartoonist does not turn down such opportunities, so I set to work.

The cartoon sequence below illustrates the subject of the technical report, which is how furtive loggers operate and fool the authorities to illegally harvest pine trees.

Click through the sequence below. You will see just how clever these loggers are!

client feedback

"Alan managed to capture the audacious malfeasance of illegal loggers in Mongolia without the benefit of ever having been there. Working interactively with him was painless and the final products were wonderful and every bit as good as I'd hoped." - Tony Whitten, Senior Biodiversity Specialist, The World Bank