Plants of the Chaco

Wildlife Conservation Society & CABI, Bolivia 2001. Text: Environmental Education Unit, Kaa-Iya Project.

Plantas del Chaco

Not even plants are beyond the reach of cartoons. This manual for rural community teachers provides basic scientific knowledge on plant biology and hands-on instructions for keeping a rudimentary herbarium, which is an organised collection of useful plants, many of which you can eat. This is an important thing to have in the dry Gran Chaco region of southern Bolivia where this book was distributed.

As ever, the idea was to liven up things a little with some simple sketches. They all make sense when you look at them in the book, I promise!

tree day
Tree Day
Local names for plants differ
Paper wasted
South America's version of Africa's baobab has many uses
Mennonite farmers are notorious for their deforestation methods