Tatureta: Armadillos and Hunters

Wildlife Conservation Society & CABI, Bolivia 2002. Text: Erika Cuéllar.

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The humble armadillo is among the many charismatic wild animals living in the South American Gran Chaco. They are an important food source for the local people who live in this vast, relatively unknown ecosystem.

Tatureta summarises the results of Erika Cuéllar's Masters thesis about the impact of hunting on armadillo ecology and population dynamics. The book was written using simple language and these cartoons, for the benefit of the hunters and their families who participated in the original study.

I had a blast drawing these cartoons. The subject - defenceless little armadillos against armed hunters and their dogs - presented a golden opportunity to play around with reversing the roles of just who calls the shots.

tatureta 1

The armadillo's fantasy


Maybe armadillos occasionally have emergency meetings?


The main problem for an armadillo is a hunter's dog


But armadillos can outsmart both the dog and it's owner


Armadillos are hunters themselves: they eat loads of insects


Different species of armadillo live in different habitats and have different activity patterns

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