Cartoon Board Games

Polo the Bear is my latest and most important cartoon character. He is the star of the comic book, 'The Adventures of Polo the Bear', and is fast developing his own online presence and importance as messenger for climate change education. I created a cartoon board game that is fun to play and that also teaches a thing or two about climate change around the world, based on the comic book.

Click on the image below to download the game!

My main occupation while working with the Asociación Armonía in Bolivia was to run the Blue-throated Macaw Conservation Project I had founded in 1993. My activities ranged from field data collection to fundraising and environmental education. This printable board game was one of many resources I created to use in local schools.

Help save the Blue-throated Macaw!

Would you like a free downloadable version of this game in English? If so, just let me know!

'Mammals on Roads' is not a board game but I've put it here anyway. I created it to illustrate a citizen science campaign run by the People's Trust for Endangered Species in UK, whereby families driving away on holiday were encouraged to collect data on any road-killed mammals they saw. To make it more fun, the campaign was set up like a role-playing game, as explained in this poster image below.

People's Trust for Endangered Species, UK 2006. This 'citizen science' game allows players driving off on vacation to gather data for the annual PTES mammal roadkill census.