The Consumer Family

The Global Canopy Programme commissioned this poster-sized comic strip as part of it's partnership with the forest recreational company, Go Ape!

The Consumer Family caricatures the unsustainable 'day in a life' of a particularly environmentally oblivious family in Britain.

Through humour and satire, the objective is to draw attention to the daily habits of an average family buried in a consumer society. The idea is to highlight the need to urgently make some changes for a greener planet.

The Consumer Family
client feedback

"The proofs look fantastic! We really like what you've done with the concepts and think the messages are very clear throughout. They are superb! Excellent stuff...I'll be in touch again next week but in the meantime thank you so much for all your incredibly hard work and the fantastic ideas & cartoons you've provided. We're all delighted with the end product and I'm sure that everyone visiting GoApe will love them too! Thanks again for all your fantastic work! We're very pleased with the results."
J. Pike, Global Canopy Programme, John Krebs Field Station, Oxford, UK