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A single cartoon or a comic strip is great for getting a simple idea or message across. But to really hold the attention of my audience I need to resort to the art of story telling. I need a comic book.

Comic books and graphic novels are stories. The ones I create combine fiction and non fiction to both inform and entertain my audience. Adding a generous helping of humour and a pinch of adventure, I hope to help kids and adults understand and remember information that I believe is important for them to have.

The subjects I write and draw about are however not to be taken lightly. There is nothing funny about massive deforestation, plastic islands in the oceans and climate change. Yet I believe that by using comic books, I can communicate what I care about far more effectively than with any scientific presentation or report.

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Polo to Pole

The Adventures of Captain Polo: Pole to Pole

Polo the bear, now officially known as 'Captain Polo', finds himself back out on the ocean waves with a very particular mission... that isn't his own! 

Stay tuned for periodic updates on the book's release and join Polo's very own fan club to get on the inside!