Fables of the Amazon: Fun Lessons in Ecology

Natural history and ecology are fascinating but complex subjects. It's time to make learning about them a whole lot more fun.

A book of 11 comic strips depicting the authors' actual field observations of Amazon jungle creatures. 

I was having a beer one evening with my friend and mentor, Dr. Louise H. Emmons, when she suddenly had a crazy idea: "Let's turn my science data into a comic book!" she said. And so was born 'Fables of the Amazon: Fun Lessons in Ecology'. 

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'Fables of the Amazon delivers important forest lessons, animal facts, and moral tales through humorous stories and vivid images that will broaden children’s minds to the unique world of the Amazon.'

Readers Favorite

"Great comic book. Fun and educational. This is an easy read for kids. It is wonderful to see pics and character descriptions at the end that describe the animals further and relay some facts about each. Children should learn from a young age about animal life, ecology and environmental issues and concerns."

A. Graphy, award-winning children's author

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