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The book will take readers from China to Tibet to Bangladesh and into India, and show how every place, every society, and every living creature is affected by climate change. This three-part series is good to gift children and have in school libraries because of the awareness it gives to children about the world so that they can make changes and create a better place for everyone to live.

Mamta Madhavan, Readers Favorite


What happened to Polo after he got captured?! Find out by downloading your free e-book!

Captain Polo is devastated. His precious boat is in pieces, lying at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and he is locked in the hold of a fishing vessel, destined to be sold to a zoo in China... How will he get out of this?!

In this sequel to Book 1, Captain Polo continues his epic journey around the world. He faces countless dangers and obstacles on a path that will take him across China, up the mighty Himalayas into the forbidden monasteries of Tibet, through the swampy delta of Bangladesh, and into India.

On his voyage Polo meets many colourful, informative, heroic, kind, mischievous and also dangerous characters, ranging from an enlightened Chinese farmer to a jealous Fakir, a disgruntled Bengal Tiger to the Dalai Lama himself. On his way Polo also meets and learns from a character drawn from legend...

The Climate Emergency we continue to read and hear about in the news is happening all around the world. Human-induced climate change is now widely considered to be the most serious issue of our time. The very first step to take towards fighting and adapting to climate change is to understand what it is.

Through the eyes of Captain Polo, readers as young as 9 years old will learn key climate terms and concepts and gain invaluable basic knowledge to help them feel empowered, and part of the solution. In this sequel to the first part of the comic, Polo's adventures continue to teach about climate change and the many solutions that exist to survive it.

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