"Alan managed to capture the audacious malfeasance of illegal loggers in Mongolia without the benefit of ever having been there. Working interactively with him was painless and the final products were wonderful and every bit as good as I'd hoped."

Dr. Tony WhittenSenior Biodiversity Specialist

"Alan is a genius a synthesising ideas into formats that attract attention and get the message across. Apart from being a great artist, he is professional, rapid, flexible and positive and able to work in English and Spanish without a problem."

Dr. Rachel Atkinson, Associate Scientist

"It was fun working with Alan on this cartoon. He got the idea of the satire I had written and we worked together creatively to develop a matching cartoon. The drawing is funny. I love the stern security tigers and the nerdy mouse-deer with their goggles. Also the badger was drawn spot on - eager to please but embarrassed not to be in line. I hope the cartoon and satire will help a bit exposing the greenwashing by the hydrodam company operating in Sumatra."

Prof. Erik Meijaard, Chair, IUCN Oil Palm Task Force

"This is really nice and thanks for the good job."

H.A. Mahmoud, Department of Geography, Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya

"Many thanks Alan - it looks really good in colour - I love the humour!"

N. Kenton, IIED

"Alan is a pleasure to work with. As a small, dynamic, and entrepreneurial nonprofit organization, Rare brings tight deadlines, shifting priorities and many levels of sign-off to consultant projects. Alan handled our changing needs with professionalism, patience, and a smile. He was able to develop great cartoons that are useful, relevant, and descriptive of the training course that we provide to local conservationists around the world. Navigating multi-cultural and multi-lingual needs, he gave us a wonderful product, for a very reasonable price.

We're still using the images two years later on the covers of our newly-designed training curriculum text. If we need images like these again, we'll definitely contact Alan first."

Sharon Price, Global Alumni Network

"The cartoons Alan produced for us are well researched, of professional quality, culturally sensitive and with high attention to detail. The project worked to a tight deadline and Alan was able to efficiently and professionally respond to our requirements."

Dr. Alex Zimmermann, Director of Conservation

"The AZA Maned Wolf SSP was delighted to play a small role in funding the conservation posters created by Alan Hesse and Louise Emmons. The information is presented in a fun and unique way, but the message clearly gets through to both children and adults.

The first and second editions of the posters have been distributed to schools, national park staff, rural communities and local institutions and NGOs across lowland Bolivia, northern Argentina and parts of Peru. They are a very effective educational tool!"

Dr. Melissa Rodden, Maned Wolf SSP Coordinator

"Wow- they look fantastic, thank you. I know that the deadlines are ridiculously tight and I really do appreciate all the hard work you are putting in to meet them. Go Ape absolutely loved the cartoons, especially the corporate one, so much so that they would like you to do a couple more."

A. Crichton, John Krebs Field Station, Oxford, UK

"The proofs look fantastic! We really like what you've done with the concepts and think the messages are very clear throughout. They are superb! Excellent stuff...I'll be in touch again next week but in the meantime thank you so much for all your incredibly hard work and the fantastic ideas & cartoons you've provided. We're all delighted with the end product and I'm sure that everyone visiting GoApe will love them too! Thanks again for all your fantastic work! We're very pleased with the results."

J. Pike, John Krebs Field Station, Oxford, UK

Woolly Monkey Project

"The drawings are great! I love the woolly monkeys, they're perfect. I can't believe you managed to do such a great job in so little time."

H. Parathian, Oxford Brookes University, UK

"Everyone was delighted with the cartoons!"

Nancy Gladstone, Pan African Conservation Education (PACE)

"We have just received your CD and looked at the images, they are fantastic! All the images are great, we are really pleased with them, thank you so much! They illustrate the story perfectly, they could not be better. Thanks for all the hard work."

V. Smith