The Adventures of Polo the Bear: the Climate Change Game

If you enjoyed reading the comic about Polo the Bear's epic climate change adventures around the world you will love this game! Follow the instructions below to get started!


Instructions for use

  1. Download the game and unzip the 15 pdfs. Each pdf is labelled as shown in the diagram below.
  2. Print out each A4-size pdf.
  3. Paste all the printed pieces on an A0-size cardboard (105 x 89.1 cm) following the order shown in the diagram.
  4. Download and print the playing cards pdf. For best results, print the playing cards on heavier paper.  
  5. Cut out each playing card and stack the red cards together, and the green cards together.
  6. As you play the game, you may need to draw on a red or green card; once you've read the card, put it back at the bottom of its pile. 


This game is constantly being revised and improved: let us know what you liked, and what could be improved!