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The right cartoon can change the world

It is said that an image is worth a thousand words, and that emotions help people retain information.

In my conservation career I've had to use the conventions of science to communicate about nature: graphs, technical reports, data tables.

These do not command the attention of children, or indeed the great majority of adults.

Yet it is precisely with children and adults who are not necessarily devout conservationists that I want to communicate with; if I want to enhance knowledge, shift attitudes and change behaviours, what is the use of preaching to the choir?

For this reason I create educational comics and cartoons. The idea is to learn while having a laugh.

Check out my site and let me know what you think - I'd love to hear from you!


NEW BOOK out now:

Captain Polo and the Halloween Party

Halloween book cover

Captain Polo and his friend Penguin have been invited to a fancy dress Halloween party up at the old haunted mansion. 

What will they go dressed up as? And what will they find when they get to the party?!

This is a humorous picture book for kids aged 6 to 8, and it contains a positive message about making your own fancy dress costumes rather than buying them.  

Available now: Captain Polo's 2021 Climate Action Calendar

Available in UK and US editions. 

Featuring extracts from the Captain Polo adventures and two entirely new mini stories, each month focuses on a particular aspect of the climate and environmental crisis, bringing useful insight and practical, day to day action tips for adopting a more sustainable lifestyle.

The calendar sends a message of hope for each month of the year - perfect to hang on the wall in the office, at home or at school!

New book! The Adventures of Captain Polo: Pole to Pole

Polo to Pole

Setting out to find food in a melting Arctic landscape, Captain Polo finds himself back on the ocean waves in his trusty sailing boat, falling into one crazy adventure after another. Except this time, he is sailing to the tune of a secret agenda planned by a hidden stowaway!

Stay tuned to see the progress to completion!

  • Progress to completion



My growing collection of cartoons exists to facilitate information and knowledge about things I care a lot about, such as the natural environment and human well being.

Comic Books

My comic books range from a collection of simple comic strips with messages to complete fiction and non-fiction graphic novels. They all contain detailed technical information on environmental and broader development issues but are presented as fun, easy-to-read comic stories.


The orginal comic book, 'The Adventures of Polo the Bear: a Story of Climate Change' is also available as 3 separate ebooks

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