Comics and cartoons make learning fun!

When you learn while having fun, you never forget what you learn.

A parent or teacher knows that there's nothing like pictures to grab a child's attention. That's why I create educational graphic novels and cartoons. The idea is to provide learning resources that are informative AND engaging.

My work is all about Nature and environment. Kids naturally gravitate to these subjects and are increasingly exposed to troubling news about very serious issues, such as climate change. It's important to talk to them about these things clearly and positively, in a way that offers solutions and inspiration for the future.

Check out my new releases below as well as my other books, cartoon portfolio and blog and get in touch - I'd love to hear from you!

My main comic book character, Captain Polo the polar bear even has his own blog where you'll find some cool free stuff to download - check it out!



Captain Polo merchandise

Polo clock

Captain Polo now has a bunch of cool stuff for sale. Wall clocks, T-shirts, coffee mugs, bath mats, trays, and much more. There's a Christmas sale on right now, too. 

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Captain Polo Climate Academy

The mission of the Captain Polo Climate Academy is to empower children as agents of positive change for climate action and sustainability, both as future decision-makers and as current key influencers of their parents and other adults. This is achieved through a variety of educational initiatives and resources, all of which feature the comic book character ‚ÄėCaptain Polo‚Äô as a unique visual identifier

Captain Polo's Climate-friendly Food Project

We all need to eat, but choosing what to eat can make all the difference for our health and that of the planet! This fun, hands-on project for schools gets students doing research and thinking critically about how and where food comes from, before preparing their own climate-friendly dishes to compete in the 'Master Chef' style final event! 


The Adventures of Captain Polo: Pole to Pole

Pole to Pole cover

Setting out to find food in a melting Arctic landscape, Captain Polo finds himself back on the ocean waves in his trusty sailing boat, falling into one crazy adventure after another. Except this time, he is sailing to the tune of a secret agenda planned by a hidden stowaway!

Red Ribbon

"A superbly illustrated graphic novel with a strong climate change message. A Red Ribbon winner and highly recommended!"

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

5 stars

"Fantastically enjoyable graphic novel with an eco-conscious theme - educational and thought-provoking for children and adults alike."

Susie Fiddes, Reedsy

5 stars

"How do you teach your young kids about global warming? There are at least two problems. First, it's a scary subject, and Second, there's science involved. As a parent or teacher of young kids, how do you start? The answer? Use Captain Polo!"

Richard, Amazon customer

"Captain Polo's adventures provide a powerful learning tool that raises awareness in a way that's both engaging and enjoyable on a very serious topic that affects us all. I highly recommend this adventure - it is timely and relevant to us all as global citizens."

Ashton Berry, Global Climate Change Programme Coordinator, BirdLife International


"...Captain Polo's adventures are a great way to get your child started on climate literacy." 

Asha Alexander, Principal and Executive Leader of Climate Change at GEMS Education, Dubai, UAE.


"...What a great concept  - the comic book where goodies and baddies have battled it out over time  - provides  such an easy, engaging and energetic  medium to understanding one of the most important issues of our time."

Liz Carlile, Director of Communications, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)


The Adventures of Captain Polo Collector's Omnibus Edition

Captain Polo Books 1, 2 and 3 all in one! 

Available as eBook or Paperback

Wishing Shelf 2019 finalist

"A fantastically accessible way to help children understand climate change. A FINALIST and highly recommended."

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

The Captain Polo series: climate education graphic novels

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