Environmental Education, Communications & Training

Our mission

We are passionate about helping people and institutions who work on biodiversity conservation, climate change and education achieve greater positive impact.

Our three areas of action aim to fulfil this mission through the use of engaging communication, education and training resources and products.

Education & Communication

Education & Communication

If you’re a conservationist trying to reach non-technical audiences or a teacher seeking to engage their students in difficult subjects, this section is for you!

Climate Academy

Captain Polo Climate Academy

If you’re looking for fun resources and projects to help children and adults learn about global warming and what they can do about it, this section is for you!

Conservation Training

Conservation Training

If you’re a conservationist seeking new tools to improve your connection with local communities and motivate lasting behaviour change, this section is for you!

promoting environmental awareness

The Captain Polo Academy

The Captain Polo Academy reflects the different areas of action in which conservationist and author Alan J. Hesse is able to most effectively fulfill his mission.

Who is Captain Polo?
Captain Polo is the hero of Alan’s growing collection of educational children’s books about climate change. As a cartoon polar bear on a mission he is the perfect messenger for his creator’s particular approach to promoting environmental awareness, climate action, and conservation impact around the world. 

Cartoons for hire

Using cartoons to communicate visually about things that matter is one of our main areas of action. Check out the cartoon portfolio!

School Projects

Climate change is the most serious global issue of our time and kids need to know the facts and the solutions. Check out Captain Polo’s School Projects!

your own comic

Making your own comic isn’t as hard as you might think, and teachers can really engage their students with this form of expression. Let us show you how!

Social Marketing

Establishing new social norms is how people change their behaviour over time. We offer Social Marketing training to help conservationists and local communities work together more effectively. 

Graphic novels about climate change

‘The Adventures of Captain Polo’ is a multi-award-winning series of graphic novels and children’s picture books that explore the causes, effects and actions to fight climate change around the world.

Based on thorough research and validated by climate change professionals, the books introduce children and adults to the realties and solutions for global warming through graphic stories packed with action, geography and adventure that are as entertaining as they are informative.

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