The Adventures of Captain Polo

Captain Polo the climate change bear

“A fantastically accessible way to help children understand climate change.”

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

‘The Adventures of Captain Polo’ is a series of graphic novels and children’s picture books about the causes, effects and actions to fight climate change around the world.

Alan HesseLinkedInMeet the author
Alan J. Hesse is an award-winning author-illustrator who merges professional expertise in nature conservation with storytelling and artistic skills. Alan’s 30-year career in conservation gives him a unique edge in the children’s book industry and allows him to produce books that are both highly engaging and deeply educational.

He is the author of ten children’s books, most of them graphic novels and comics that have been compared to the legendary Tintin collection. These include the growing and highly acclaimed Adventures of Captain Polo series about climate change.

The Captain Polo character is the inspiration behind the Captain Polo Academy as a global brand promoting environmental and climate literacy.

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The Climate Change Comic is a fast-paced graphic novel depicting accurate geographical settings and detailed, colourful illustrations designed to make learning about a complex and frightening subject positive, easy and fun. In this first book of the series, readers as young as 9 will be swept into a global journey of discovery that will help them understand the most critical existential crisis in human history.

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