Pants On or Off?

cactus 1

Pants On or Off? refers to the creative process of an author deciding how to create a book. Some authors wade right in with no planning, the creative juices flowing. Other authors such as myself will plan it all out beforehand. Graphic novels, cartoons or comics and Nature conservation. An unlikely combination perhaps. Yet there…

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A new name for Polo, and a new adventure

Pole to Pole

My character Polo the Bear, climate change messenger and globetrotter extraordinaire has some important news! He is now officially Captain Polo: concerned polar bear, world citizen, adventurer, explorer and climate change educator. Captain Polo recently went through an Inuit initiation ceremony by special invitation from his Inuit friends. Polo completed the initiation following ancient Inuit…

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A conversation with Clare Shakya

Clare Shakya

I was lucky to have a chat with Clare Shakya for an interview as part of my research for my next comic book, the sequel to The Adventures of Polo the Bear: a Story of Climate Change.  Clare is the director of the Climate Change research group at the International Institute of Environment and Development…

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