Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection


In 1859, Charles Darwin unveiled to the world a theory so controversial that it shook the very foundations of science and theology.

If you are a fan of Tintin, Maus or the popular Science Comics series you will love Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection.

Have you been searching for a fun and understandable way to introduce natural selection and evolution in your classroom? Look no further! Charles Darwin and the Theory of Natural Selection tells the story of Darwin’s voyage to the Galapagos Islands and his theory that followed in a comic book format that is fun for all ages.” – National Science Teachers Association.

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For most people, Darwin's ground-breaking legacy remains shrouded in controversy. The detailed mechanics of the Theory of Evolution are largely confined to Life Science academics and professionals. Yet Darwin's work is still the best explanation we have for the fabulous diversity of life on Earth, and it is rightly present in the science education curriculum the world over.

"A brilliantly crafted educational book that introduces children to the fascinating world of historical science in an accessible and enjoyable manner." - Literary Titan

Researched and created on the Galápagos Islands themselves, this historically, geographically and scientifically accurate award-winning graphic novel explains Darwin's theory in clear language, and provides thoroughly researched insight into Darwin's thought process and the pressures he had to deal with. As an educational resource, the book provides an entertaining learning experience for curious kids, and is perfect for science teachers who want to teach evolution in their classrooms. It is also great for any adult interested in natural history, Darwin and his theory, and Victorian scientific exploration in general.

Charles Darwin: the comic  

What you will discover:

  • How the field observations made by Darwin and his crew while visiting the legendary Galápagos islands eventually led to the Theory of Natural Selection
  • How Darwin tapped into the scientific minds of his time and related with his peers
  • Darwin's inner struggle while developing his work, including the dilemma he faced as a God-fearing Christian
  • The little-known truth behind how the Theory of Natural Selection was actually stumbled upon
  • How the Theory actually works, explained in simple language and with cartoon illustrations

Extend your knowledge and that of your kids in finally understanding the only scientific explanation for Life on Earth by traveling back in time to enter the mind of Charles Darwin!

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"Hesse’s storytelling prowess is evident as he weaves a clear and coherent narrative that fosters a love for nature while introducing a diverse array of settings and characters." – Literary Titan

“Taking such a story and turning it into a comic that is both enjoyable and accessible to a wide range of ages is no mean feat, but Alan Hesse has done a brilliant job.” – Galapagos Conservation Trust

5 Star Amazon Reviews:

“Excellent teaching aid for my student classes and for the kids at home alike. Clearly, Hesse is well versed in the area of this subject matter.”

“This has been my go-to gift for young biologists and curious kids- a huge hit. Beautiful illustrations allow for kids of different ages to read with their parents, but the content and story allow for older ones to engage in and learn about this incredible journey. A must-have for any family that wants to inspire and support their children's passion for ecology, wildlife, and the history of science!”

“Terrific book! Beautifully illustrated, terrific storytelling, lots to make you smile as you read this. Very engaging book for kids and adults alike.”

“This is brilliant. A beautifully crafted masterpiece for any age. Great for schools and general interest.”

“Whether you are 15 or 75 or somewhere in between, read this book to grasp how perceptions of the human condition were forever altered due to young Darwin's observations. Hesse's book should be in every library and science department.”

“My 12-year-old daughter really enjoyed reading this book. This book really helped her to understand who Darwin was, his historical context and why his discoveries were so important. She found the story entertaining and easy to follow and she really liked the illustrations which are lighthearted and lively. As an adult, I also found the book very engaging and educational and I found the final section on Darwin's legacy and the very clear explanation of his theories about natural selection genuinely enlightening.”

“The theory of natural selection has always fascinated me and at last it is explained in a visually stimulating and clear way. As a headteacher, I recommend this book.”

“This is the sort of book you can look at again and again, for entertainment as much as for purpose of knowledge and or study”