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Cartoons attract attention and entertain, and when you've got a message to deliver, that's important.

I first started drawing cartoons at a very early age, and it was only to entertain myself, my friends or family. As a child and adolescent, each year the last Christmas present to be taken off the tree was the Christmas card I had drawn for my family. The cards always featured family scenes, mostly based on fact but enhanced with plenty of slapstick comedy action.

It wasn't until I reached the age of 30 that I realised I could use cartoons for a much higher purpose. By that time I was developing a career as a conservation biologist, so I started drawing cartoons with conservation and environmental themes. In this way, over the years I created dozens of cartoon-based environmental education materials, including books, leaflets, comics, posters and even billboards. These were mostly all commissioned by non-profit organisations.

This section of the website is contains my growing cartoon portfolio.