Captain Polo’s Christmas Activity Book


What if I told you there was a way to have family Christmas fun while also learning about a very serious subject?

If your children like Christmas advent calendars and activity books, they will love Captain Polo’s Christmas Activity Book! Unlike most other Christmas books, this one comes with a strongly focused educational punch: learn what you need to know about climate change and what YOUR family can do about it!

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The climate crisis is nothing short of an existential threat to life on Earth as we know it. Awareness of this emergency is rising all over the world, and children are among the most affected, as they struggle to see a bright future. News outlets and social media tend to paint a negative and confusing message, and the many exciting solutions already underway that urgently need to be adopted on a massive, societal scale often pass unperceived by the uninitiated. Never before has there been such a need to empower the younger generations with accurate, actionable knowledge and the right emotional mindset to understand what is happening and how it can be mitigated.

If we do things right and start doing them NOW, there is an unprecedented opportunity to make our world greener, cleaner, healthier and fairer. Children need to know this,  and no age is too young to start. Through humour and positive, actionable messages this interactive book bursting with seasonal fun and games helps kids, their families, and teachers address the climate crisis and solutions through actionable knowledge, positive messages, and practical, everyday actions that everyone can truly own and implement.

In this book you will find:

  • colouring activities, including pages to cut out and colouring a 2-page comic strip extract where YOU get to write the dialogues!
  • 20 varied puzzles of different difficulty levels, including hidden object, crosswords, and other word games, join the dots, spot the difference, and mazes;
  • 2 unique games to play there and then with nothing more than a pencil and a couple of dice;
  • Captain Polo's Climate Change Classroom bursting with important facts in language anyone can understand;
  • A cut-out New Years Resolution worksheet to make your family heroes for climate action!

Help Santa place a copy of this book under as many Christmas trees this year as possible to get every family involved as true Climate Heroes!

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If you love reading or doing puzzles, you’ll love Captain Polo’s Christmas Activity Book. Children will love the board game, connect the dots, word search, and spot the differences, which they can do by themselves or with a friend. Teachers will enjoy this new approach to learning important lessons while having fun. Parents will also appreciate his easy-to-read climate change explanations so children—and adults—can understand. I’m sure this workbook will inspire and entertain children while informing them about the environment, too. – Readers Favorite 5 Star Review