Social marketing training

The Captain Polo Academy offers training on applied social marketing using the framework of the popular Conservation Standards methodology. This combination is designed to help our clients establish lasting behaviour change for conservation.

Our approach is designed to empower conservation professionals or students in a practical, research-based methodology that they can immediately apply to discover and shift the deep motivations driving the behaviour of local human groups putting pressure on one or more conservation objects in the context of a given project. You will explore how to use social marketing to position an alternative behaviour that will benefit both the human stakeholders and the conservation objects.

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How it works

We first meet with our clients to understand the context, what the main conservation challenge is and what human groups they believe may be causing or intensifying this challenge. This enables us to check whether there is in fact a case for behaviour change that may be achieved through social marketing. If there is, we jointly design a training programme tailored to the needs and circumstances of the client.

Through this training, you will learn how to determine one or more target audiences for which to implement a social marketing campaign while taking into account the broader local community. Finally, and in real time, we’ll show you how to monitor, measure and learn from the results (adaptive management).

Our training methodology is currently available in English or Spanish and can be remote or in presence, depending on your budget. We believe in making learning as dynamic and actionable as possible, which is why our programme is tailored to your needs, ensuring maximum engagement and relevance.

Our clients include the prestigious Kinship Conservation Fellows, as well as BirdLife International in the Americas and Africa.

With Alan J. Hesse as your instructor, you can be assured that you will receive personalized training. Alan is passionate about equipping others with the necessary skills to make a lasting impact in conservation. As a full-time staff member of Rare* from 2010 to 2018, Alan has internationally trained dozens of conservation leaders on applied social marketing.

* Conservationist Paul Butler is renowned for having developed the social marketing ‘Pride’ methodology that saved various species of Caribbean parrots from the brink of extinction in the 1980’s. Paul later introduced this approach to Rare, where the methodology was institutionalized and scaled globally.

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Key training content

  • Concept models, Results chains, Theory of Change & SMART Objectives
  • Conservation Standards methodology
  • Social research and experimental design
  • Stages of Behaviour Change and principles of Behavioural Economics
  • Audience segmentation, Audience Persona & Community Mobilization
  • Marketing Mix, Branding and Messaging
  • Barrier Removal and Benefits Exchange
  • Work Plan, RACI & Gantt chart

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