A chat about the Captain Polo Climate Academy

by | Oct 4, 2022

Lean to Left podcast


I recently had the pleasure of appearing on Bob Gatty’s Lean to the Left podcast show to have a chat about the Captain Polo Climate Academy.

For many years, Bob worked as a writer, editor and communications consultant, focusing on government and politics. Tempted by the allure of big-time politics, at a young age Bob became press secretary and chief of staff for two Congressmen – a Republican and then a Democrat, who later became governor of New Jersey and until recently was a frequent podcast guest and co-host.

New Jersey by the way is the first state in the US to establish climate education in its formal school curriculum, thereby becoming a leader for climate education across the country.

Originally launched in early 2017 as Not Fake News, the Lean to the Left blog and podcast’s initial mission was to call out the US Administration at the time on the rampant lies and fake news plaguing US media. This of course included climate change denial, which is why Bob was keen to hear what Captain Polo had to say.

I got a good feeling that Bob enjoyed our chat and learning more about the Captain Polo comic book character and associated Climate Academy. I certainly did.

Have a listen, it’s not long.

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