Captain Polo is back in the kitchen at the 2nd Climate-friendly Food Fair

by | Jul 15, 2023

Captain Polo is back in the kitchen at the 2nd Climate-friendly Food Fair, teaming up with the Ecuadorian Montessori school, SKAS Despertar. This time, the school took the initiative to include the Captain Polo Climate-friendly Food Project as part of their existing curriculum, which already involves a fantastic vegetable garden where even the little ones, as young as 3 and 4 years old, learn about the magic of soil fertility, composting, planting seeds, growing vegetables, and the benefits of a vegetarian diet.2nd climate food fair


The overarching theme of the project was sustainability through food, and it perfectly aligned with the Montessori-inspired methods implemented by SKAS Despertar, which also strongly emphasizes food security. It’s disheartening to know that, as of 2021, Ecuador still faces challenges in terms of food security and hunger. Despite the country’s rich agricultural diversity, pockets of poverty and inequality contribute to food insecurity and malnutrition, especially in rural and indigenous communities.

The Captain Polo Climate-friendly Food Project turned out to be a perfect addition to the school’s organic vegetable patch, which not only serves as a source of income but also provides direct nutrition for school meals.

Project classroomFollowing the success of the pilot project conducted in 2022, Captain Polo once again made his way into the school’s classrooms and kitchen, engaging students between the ages of 4 and 17 in the nitty-gritty of global warming. From atmospheric science classes to researching food systems in markets and supermarkets, the students were in for a treat. And of course, the much-anticipated ‘Master Chef’-style final event, Captain Polo’s Climate-friendly Food Fair, was the cherry on the proverbial cake.

The second installment of the project exceeded all expectations. It not only deepened the understanding of climate change and food systems among the students and teachers, but also provided them and their families with a powerful call to action. Most importantly, it offered them a tangible way to make a difference through climate action and sustainability.

Food, it turns out, has the power to either worsen or solve the climate and biodiversity crises. The project made this message crystal clear to the entire school community: be mindful of what you eat, consider where your food comes from, understand how and where it was produced, and armed with this knowledge, let’s make a positive impact.

Thanks to Captain Polo and the dedicated team behind this project, the participants were equipped with essential knowledge and a renewed sense of purpose. They realized that their choices and actions matter, and that they have the ability to shape a better future through food. The Captain Polo Climate-friendly Food Project at SKAS Despertar has once again demonstrated the immense potential of education in addressing climate change and creating a sustainable world. Kudos to everyone involved, and here’s to more exciting initiatives in the future!



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