Captain Polo and his adventures

'The Adventures of Captain Polo' tells the story of a young polar bear who finds himself on an epic adventure discovering the causes, effects and actions to fight climate change around the world.

I created this comic because I found that much of the available information on climate change was overwhelming and confusing.

Thanks to extensive research and the technical review of climate change professionals from both the development and environmental sectors, this comic presents a comprehensive global overview of climate change science, practice and policy, framed within a rollicking adventure that is both entertaining and informative.

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A wonderful comic book on a topic everyone needs to know

I love comic book novels in the tradition of Tintin, and Alan Hesse's POLO the Bear comic is as adventurous and fast paced as those classic comic books. Polo tells the story of a polar bear from Greenland who floats out to sea on an piece of ice, and in his adventures passes through dozens of countries and meets the local people who are each dealing with their own problems related to climate change. Hesse has first hand knowledge of some of these issues from his days of working on environmental climate change programs throughout South America, so he skillfully weaves the facts of climate change into a fun story that will captivate readers, young and old.

D. Bellard, Amazon customer

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The Adventures of Polo the Bear: The Climate Change Comic provides a unique, fun and educational way to learn about climate change and our human responsibility.

[...] Polo's discoveries offer an opportunity for discussion and debate between young and old in homes and classrooms around the world on topics that can no longer be ignored or passed over lightly. Footnotes throughout and a final epilogue offer helpful scientific explanations and practical solutions. The reader is left understanding the gravity of the situation without being led into dispair.

Polo is an attractive, inspiring character who can be introduced to students as a messenger of various voices about the current world emergency for which we are all responsible.

Tanis Elliott, Montessori English Guide, Cosmic Education Educator and Concerned World Citizen

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A positive, informative intro for kids to climate change issues and action

I've been working on climate change issues since about 2003. The topic is challenging, confusing, and often upsetting. Yet we need to raise kids today who understand the challenges they will live with for the rest of their lives -- both as a set of chronic, developing problems and a shifting, critical set of solutions.

Alan Hesse has written a book I have shared with my son and other children about climate change from a positive, useful, and productive (and fun!) approach. I hope you will buy the book to help arm the next generation with hope instead of despair.

Amazon customer

Review stars

Bringing awareness to reality in a very positive way.

I really like these comics. I think this book series is doing a very important job, informing about what is happening in the world regarding climate change and related social issues. It is quite amazing the amount of information that is told without getting boring or confusing. It has good rhythm and balance, it is very entertaining. I really love the style of the drawings. They are so efficient, so expressive, light, with a great flow. I totally recommend this comic for older kids. So vital for our future, to have this type of content, bringing awareness to reality in such a positive way.

Mina, Amazon customer

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