The Adventures of Captain Polo (Book 2): Polo and the Yeti


After narrowly surviving an accident at sea, Captain Polo must take matters into his own paws in order to regain his freedom and continue his epic adventure.

Captain Polo and the Yeti is an exciting graphic novel in the tradition of the legendary Tintin and Asterix albums. If you like stories of adventure and humour with accurate geographical and cultural settings, then you’ll love this fast-paced, educational and entertaining tale.

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Captain Polo is devastated: his precious boat is in pieces, lying at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, and he is locked in the hold of a fishing vessel, destined to be sold to a zoo in a foreign land.

In Book 2 of the series, Polo faces countless dangers and obstacles on a path that will take him across China, up the mighty Himalaya mountains into the forbidden monasteries of Tibet, through the swampy delta of Bangladesh, and into India. On his voyage Polo meets many colourful, informative, heroic, kind, mischievous and also dangerous characters, ranging from an enlightened Chinese farmer to a jealous Fakir, a disgruntled Bengal Tiger to the Dalai Lama himself. On his way Polo also meets and learns from a character drawn from legend...

Every step of the way the bear who has become Captain Polo hones his understanding of the causes and effects of climate change, the true meaning of global warming and how it is affecting all living creatures and human societies. Polo also witnesses the heroic efforts of individuals, human groups and governments who are learning to adapt to a changing world, reduce their carbon footprints by innovating in the use of cutting edge technology and becoming leaders in the adoption of clean energy.

Captain Polo is half way around the world and a long way from home. On his travels he has picked up new understanding and knowledge about how global warming is affecting people across the world.

Get Book 2 in the series to share in his learning, and have fun while doing so!

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"… stands out for its ability to be accessible to new readers, offering a succinct summary of the first book, thus making it easy to dive into Polo’s world without prior knowledge. The storytelling is complemented by Hesse’s captivating illustrations, which not only add visual appeal but also effectively convey the gravity of climate change’s impact on both humans and animals. This dual focus is a testament to Hesse’s expertise as a climate educator, showcasing his ability to present complex issues through a medium that resonates with contemporary audiences. What is particularly noteworthy about this graphic novel is its ability to blend education with entertainment. The narrative is not just informative but also immersive, encouraging readers to engage with the critical topic of environmental preservation in a manner that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking." – Literary Titan

"Children love comics and this is the best way to make them understand a complex topic in a fun and interesting way. The book will take readers from China to Tibet to Bangladesh and into India, and show how every place, society, and living creature is affected by climate change." – Readers Favorite 5-star review

"The drawings are very good, clear and expressive. The dynamic of the narration is great. The book is able to approach complex subjects is a very engaging and entertaining way. It is perfect for kids 9+ to read, learn and enjoy." – Mina Anguelova, GoodReads

"Polo and the author both know that what is happening to our world touches everyone's life and the time has come to stand up and shout out to all that we have to fix things before it is too late. Thanks to the author for bringing this subject to people, young and old. Hopefully all will pay attention." – P.S. Winn, GoodReads