The Adventures of Captain Polo (Book 4): Pole to Pole


Driven from his melting Arctic home in search of food, Captain Polo once again takes to the ocean in his trusty boat. Little does he know about a hidden stowaway with a secret agenda…

Must read. Fantastically enjoyable graphic novel with an eco-conscious theme – educational and thought-provoking for children and adults alike…[ ]..every bit as enjoyable as other contemporary and classic graphic novels.” – Reedsy Discovery


A superbly illustrated graphic novel with a strong climate change message. A Red Ribbon winner and highly recommended!” – The Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2021



Book 4 in this series of climate change books for kids takes Captain Polo on another rollicking, funny global journey that uncovers ever more important aspects of global warming, and importantly, also the many ways we can all become part of the solution. The book includes a handy glossary referencing some of the more technical terms encountered in the story and as such makes an ideal educational resource at home and in the classroom.

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Picking up from the first three books in the series, Pole to Pole sees the now well-seasoned globetrotter Captain Polo back on the ocean waves falling into one adventure after another. After nearly getting flattened by an oil tanker in a melting Arctic sea, Polo explores Siberia and Scandinavia, saves the crew of a nuclear submarine, and breaks into a mysterious energy plant in Iceland before getting dragged south to the coast of West Africa by powerful Atlantic Ocean currents. Along the way he meets a variety of colourful characters ranging from a disgruntled Santa Claus to arch-villain Tex Greedyman the oil tycoon, only to finally unmask his secret stowaway when it's too late to turn back.

Will Captain Polo and his mysterious stowaway make it all the way to the South Pole? 

Get your copy of Pole to Pole to find out!

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"Captain Polo's adventures are a great way to get your child started on climate literacy." – Asha Alexander, Principal and Executive Leader of Climate Change at GEMS Education. "What a great concept  – the comic book where goodies and baddies have battled it out over time  – provides such an easy, engaging and energetic  medium to understanding one of the most important issues of our time. Thanks Captain Polo and friends; I am now better informed as well as having a great way to share a tough issue with family and friends." – Liz Carlile, Director of Communications, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) "Mr Hesse does an excellent job of making complex issues intelligible without talking down to the reader. This is a must-read book for kids and adults, especially if you enjoy comics." – Adam Thyer, Founder at GreenExecutive “I can't recommend Pole to Pole highly enough. It should be purchased for all kids, and even adults too.” – Richard, Amazon review “Once again Captain Polo combines scientific fact with unique and funny adventures that not only teach kids about our Climate Crisis but keep their interest and encourage reading at the same time! Full of creative, colorful artwork, students are encouraged to explore this educational graphic novel which is sure to increase comprehension and recall.” – Amazon review “Must-read book for children and adults of all ages. A perfect conversation starter in homes and in the classrooms. The Adventures of Captain Polo is a series that should be made a mandatory read and part of our education curriculum. Loved this book and loved the entire series.” – AG, Amazon review “Incredible storyline. I really find the Polo the Bear books quite magical. They are very good to read with children as they are beginning to learn about climate change problems – and the storyline is so good it doesn't feel like I'm preaching.” – Amazon review