A chat with Drunk On Porpoise

by | Apr 15, 2021

A chat with Drunk On Porpoise is a conversation about conservation, climate change, education, humour, satire and graphic novels. These subjects may seem an eclectic mix, yet they all come together very naturally in this interview.


Another topic covered in this interview was my process in creating a graphic novel. I explain the different steps and lessons learned, right from doing the initial research to marketing the book. I provide rare insight into my process creating the latest release in the Adventures of Captain Polo series, ‘Pole to Pole’.

Polo to Pole review
Pole to Pole coloring book

The latest experiment in my long list of trial and error-based learning is the Pole to Pole colouring book. My aim with this book is to attract readers as young as age 6. By coloring in ‘Pole to Pole’, young kids will have fun while hopefully picking up the story and the educational messages. In this way, the child coloring in the book also gets to ‘own’ the story and characters in a very personal way.

I love podcasts that mix up different subjects and angles, especially when doused with a healthy dose of humour.

I hope you enjoy A Chat With Drunk On Porpoise; be sure to check out the other episodes!