Behind the scenes with Captain Polo: Doom and gloom is not cool

by | Apr 3, 2020

Whether its for COVID19 or the underlying climate crisis, naysaying, denial and despair are not the way to go. Coronavirus will pass, climate change will not. Some of the effects of global warming we will have to learn to live with. By rallying to the cause, by embracing the challenge and switching small things we do everyday and inspiring others to do the same, by educating ourselves on the basics of ecology and climate change, by choosing our political leaders more carefully, we can avoid the catastrophic effects of unchecked global warming.

Clear waters in the canals of Venice, cleaner skies, wildlife wandering around deserted cities. Lockdown of humanity and of our cars, buses, trains, boats and planes because of Coronavirus is showing us that Nature can and does recover to some measure remarkably quickly.

This is an important lesson to those of us who had long ago given up on this possibility.

Although this reversal will be short-lived once COVID19 passes, it is showing us what good looks like. Pollution-free air, clean water, abundant wildlife, healthy forests, blooming corals….these are all possible to bring back. To do so will take transformational change in society as a whole, achievable through greater awareness, commitment to change, progressive policymaking and mass adoption of sustainable lifestyles as the new ‘cool’.

This Author Insight book bubble presents an excerpt from The Adventures of Polo the Bear that makes fun of a caricatural gloom and doom character.

Polo the Bear, ever the pragmatist, doesn’t have time for people like this, as he promptly demonstrates. He prefers to pay attention to a little girl, Leila, who is doing something useful for her community, the greater city of Cairo, and the planet, with her vegetable roof gardens.

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