Behind the scenes with Captain Polo: the vast ocean

by | Apr 9, 2020


Humanity is in unprecedented global lockdown and kids are bored at home. What a great time to awaken their curiosity about the natural world!

This excerpt from The Adventures of Polo the Bear, a fun educational resource for kids, is all about the ocean and its wild inhabitants.

Because of global lockdown, the world suddenly experiences a hush. Wild animals fir the first time glimpse a world without humans, without US. Nature timidly starts to creep back. Decades of constant pollution quietly and quickly disperses. The world is quiet.


But when COVID19 blows over, and humans suddenly feel immortal again, let us restrain from going back to business as usual quite at 100%. Let’s maybe leave 20% for Nature. Bluster and charge about less. Buy less. Use less. Need less. Want less. And listen to each other and Nature more.

Author insight from The Adventures of Polo the Bear.