Fables of the Amazon book excerpt: Why poo-loving dung beetles are important

by | Apr 16, 2020

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Dung beetles just love the stuff, they do. And its actually quite important, even for you and me! The mysterious reason why is explored in my very first comic book, co authored with Louise Emmons: Fables of the Amazon: Fun Lessons in Ecology.

This funny comic book is one of several homeschooling resources for parents I make available through my website.

What makes this book unique is that the science in it mostly comes straight from the first-hand observations and studies of Louise herself, and for some of the stories, from my own career as a field biologist.

The page extract you will find by clicking the link below is from the story about the secret lives of dung beetles. I’ll be putting more such extracts out over the following weeks.

Something to get your kids into. After all, what kid doesn’t find poo fascinating?

Click the link below to find out why I think dung beetles deserve a little more respect.