Behind the scenes with Captain Polo: how Polo got his cap

Polo and his cap

Polo the Bear wouldn’t be Polo the Bear without his sailor’s cap. In terms of story telling craft, this appendage is probably the main thing that makes Polo special. Along with his ability to pilot a boat, walk on two legs, talk to humans, use cash and a whole bunch of other things of course.…

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Behind the scenes with Captain Polo: Polo begins his journey

Behind the scenes 1

Welcome to my new blog feature, where I will reveal author insights behind the creation of the comic book ‘The Adventures of Polo the Bear”! I’ll be sharing my author insight through a system called ‘book bubbles‘, where in each bubble I share a page extract, and explain the insight behind it. First up is…

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Cartoon influences that shaped my work

Father of AJH

Welcome to my blog! I’ll kick it off with a brief summary of the key cartoon influences behind my work with Education Comics & Cartoons. My heritage I’ve been drawing cartoons since early childhood. My father was an accomplished illustrator and oil painter, and he pursued these art forms as a hobby throughout his adult…

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